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About Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada has been consistently rated in the top 5 of the most livable and cleanest cities in the world, making it a truly international city. As the third largest city in Canada, Vancouver is a mixture of cultures that include native Canadians as well as French, English, Asian, Hispanic and many other cultures and nationalities. The city is rich in its history and heritage.

Named for British explorer Captain George Vancouver, the area that is located on the Western edge of Canada toward the south, bordering with the United States was already settled by Spanish explorers when Vancouver arrived in 1792. A meeting between Vancouver and two Spanish captains in the area resulted in the British eventually taking control of the area and renaming it after the captain. In 1827, Hudson's Bay Company came to the new settlement and built a trading post in the region on the Fraser River. When gold was discovered in the area, the flood of Anglo-Saxon settlers began and the settlement soon grew into a town.

The city has continued to grow with more businesses and institutions being built in town. The University of British Columbia dedicated their new facility in 1915 for citizens who wanted to further their education as well as the Landmark Hotel opening their doors in 1939. By the late 1950's the city of Vancouver was growing by leaps and bounds. The city also had an influx of settlers from Asia as well as other European countries like France and Ireland.

Today, the city of Vancouver, BC numbers more than 2 million people with the majority of citizens being of English and Irish descent. The city covers an area of more than 11,000 acres and continues to grow as more people discover the livability of the city.